Action creates opportunity. I can help you see things you would otherwise not see. It is seldom how hard you work... there is a lot more at play...
Aileen Mauracher MONEY COACH
The first thing I realized after finishing my Bachelor's degree, moving across Canada and experiencing different places, was that you can work hard your whole life and still not end up with a lot to show for it.

It then became very obvious that a major in 'Personnel and Industrial Relations' was not going to get me a job and with absolutely no cash and a huge student loan, I needed to find one fast. So like most people all through history, I had to compromise and work in a field where I could find employment (accounting) and not in the field that held my interest (psychology).

This made me realize that having to scramble to survive financially quickly takes away ones freedom. My student loan limited what I could do more than anything else. It took me nine years to get my financial house in order.

For most of my adult life, I've lived in different places, experienced different cultures, standards of living and economies, all the while working in accounting and studying Psychology. This combination has given me broad exposure to financial situations and made it very clear that personal beliefs and attitudes about money have more of an influence on where you are going to end up, than the actual money.

There is a strong link between how we handle the money we have and our ability to get more.

Now I am combining accounting with psychology and passing on my years of research and knowledge through private coaching and courses. I know I can help you figure things out!

As a money coach I work with people at the cash flow level, helping them gain clarity around what is happening with their money and why. Money isn’t always just about the numbers. Usually it’s about so much more. There is a money mentality and part of the work I do is helping people figure out what their money mentality is so they can begin to use it to their advantage.

Just some of the things we could accomplish together would be for you to:
  • Learn how to see the whole picture so that you can move your cash into more satisfying areas of your life.
  • Identify and overcome self-defeating money beliefs and attitudes.
  • Align your spending with your values and goals.
  • Create long lasting debt solutions.
  • Experience more peace and less stress around your finances.
  • Examine the impact of past or future inheritances.
We spend so much of our lives working for money, taking the time to examine what is happening with it could be the best financial decision you will ever make. Action creates opportunity, coaches help you see things you would otherwise not.
If you are interested in gaining clarity about your current financial situation, or want to have the financial tools to make sure money is a non-issue in your life, then contact me. We can set up a free one hour consultation to see if my coaching is for you...
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Aileen Mauracher
Money Coach
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