It is always difficult to see what is most important when you are looking on your own. That is part of the power of a coach. If you feel like several things are pressing in on you at the same time we can figure out together where you require the greatest relief. What is most important is getting the conversation going, everything will unfold as needed.

Aileen works with 'Moneymax® Direct' to help clients gain insight about their 'Money Mentality'. It's a great way to uncover traits about your money personality so that you can begin to take control of your actions and create the financial future you want. After you submit this profile Aileen will contact you for a free consultation to discuss your results.

Complete your FREE MoneyMax® Direct Questionnaire Moneymax® Direct Educates & Empowers

The Moneymax® Direct questionnaire helps you and your financial advisor discover your money personality. It helps you make smarter, more educated choices and decisions regarding your financial future.

It takes just 5-7 minutes of your time. Invest in yourself.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, Aileen will contact you to book a 'free' consultation to get to know each other and discuss what can be expected from her coaching services.

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Aileen Mauracher
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