the Thistle has special meaning for me so I chose it for my logoLike money, a Thistle is something which can add color and life to a boring, harsh environment. Thistles are hardy and can grow and bloom almost anywhere. Let's face it, there are times in your life when you must be quite hardy to remain optimistic about any growth in your financial future.

Once a Thistle becomes established it's roots are the most important means of propagation. So the plant can suffer a lot of damage and will keep coming back, because it is the roots that matter. People with a solid grip on their finances and practice good money habits, do not let financial set backs kill their dreams. They accept that set backs are a normal part of the process and they know that as long as they follow fundamental principles, the seeds of recovery will eventually take hold.

I have fond childhood memories of boys throwing Thistles at us, and that the Thistles always stuck. We would have to pick them off our clothes, so even when they were off target their mission was accomplished. The idea that your throw does not have to be that accurate to accomplish your mission is something that I know holds true with your money. If you simply make small changes, start learning more about how money works and examining more about what happens with your money, things start to stick, and you will move closer to accomplishing your mission.

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