How can I be sure my information will be kept confidential?
It is not necessary for me to see account numbers or bank details. You provide me with all the information. I will not ask for access to your accounts. As a professional I know that the future of my practice is dependent on my reputation. All information, including names, is kept extremely confidential.
What is the first step?
To get started simply email me or call 079 516 8694. We will set up a 'free of charge' initial appointment to discuss what can be expected from my coaching services. You can tell me about yourself and ask questions. It is important that we are a good fit for each other.
How long will I need coaching?
That depends on the person. It can take several pay periods to notice changes. I like to start with sessions every other week until we have a pretty good idea of what is going on.
Do you work with small business owners?
Absolutely, this is an area where I have a lot of expertise. Nothing can kill a business faster than cash flow problems. I love helping clients take the focus off the financial stuff and get back to doing what they set out to in the first place.
I'm not really sure where we should start?
It is hard to see what is most important when you are looking on your own. That is part of the power of a coach. If you feel like several things are pressing in on you at the same time we can figure out together where you require the greatest relief. What is most important is getting the conversation going, everything will unfold as needed.
How long are sessions?
Sessions normally last sixty minutes, however at the beginning 90 minutes may be more convenient.
Is it necessary for my partner to work along with me?
That depends on how your finances are tied together. It is possible for one partner to start but it is better if both are involved in the process.
How can I pay you?
You can pay by cash or direct bank transfer. I prefer that sessions are paid for in advance and that you choose a prepaid package.

Please Note:
I am not a credit counselor or investment planner and I do not advise people on products or vehicles for their money.  Rather, money coaching is a process which addresses long-standing financial behaviors and beliefs and focuses on helping people create sustainable change.

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